A Beginning

There's always a beginning right? RIGHT?

Well if there is I have absolutely no idea where to even start.

I guess I can start with who I am and what I do...

Hi my name is Taylor, and I love all things video games, programming, movies, tv shows. You can probably just call me your local internet geek (there's literally dozens of us!).

Currently I'm just a 26 year old man living his life one day at at time. I work in the auto finance world but actually hope to soon change that by self teaching computer programming. I'm currently learning Python but plan to move onto other languages not long after grasping that (C++, C#, React, PHP, and many others!). I'm hoping to become either a full stack developer or even work on major computer applications!

I started being interested in all things design and code back when I was 15. I started to take other websites source code and adapt them and play around with them to teach myself HTML and CSS. After a few months I actually got pretty good at it and took it even further to doing freelance work for basic websites and site integrations into forum application and I even started creating styles for a PHP forum application now known as Invision Power Suite and also very basic Xenforo styles that I never wound up releasing. I tried to self teach PHP so I could start creating addons for both of those above mentioned forum applications. That didn't end up too well as I was still young and not disciplined enough to keep up with it and understand it all.

After that phase of my life I moved onto the YouTube creator and the Twitch (back then Justin.tv) scenes. I began watching what are known as let's players play video games that either I couldn't or just didn't want to so I could still experience the game through someone else and also get quite a few laughs out of it as well! I even began making some myself (and I actually still have aspirations to go back to content creation as well as a side hobby! but more on that later...). I was even partnered with Machinima (a well known MCN back then) before they imploded on themselves. I also tried my hand at live streaming on Twitch which never clicked for me back then for some reason. I never streamed on a set schedule and could never figure out what I would do that day if I was going to stream and if I did stream it would not be for hours on hours because I would get bored or just sad about the viewership numbers (which today I know I shouldn't even pay attention to at all).

Now that I've told you about my past I guess it's time to talk about my present...

I currently work in the auto finance world (never thought I would be at this kind of company in my life). I started out in basic customer service where I dealt with everything from basic questions to helping out with insurance claims and title claims and customer disputes. Now I currently work in a different department that audits dealerships to see if they are inflating the income of people on how much they actually bring in to see about trying to get a deal funded no matter what.

I'm also in the process of self teaching Python using a very well thought out and spaced course on Udemy called Complete Python Developer in 2020: Zero to Mastery by Andrei Neagoie. With the process of self teaching myself how to program my goals are to get into an actual full stack developer career path and do what I actually have aspirations to do in life!

Once I complete this course I will most likely follow onto his other courses such as Complete React Developer in 2020, Complete Machine Learning and Data Science: Zero to Mastery, Complete Web Developer in 2o20, and his new course Learning to Learn (just to help myself find a better path to learning and making sure I understand the information that is being given to me).

Now as I said earlier I'd talk a bit about my ideas for getting back into content creation. I'd be looking to dabble in both gaming and also programming content! The exact details I am not too sure of yet though. Along side getting back into content creation I also want to give the streaming gig a go again. No I wouldn't be looking to do either of these for full time income or any income at all but just the fun of them as a hobby. I'm looking to either get back into the gaming scene or even dabble in the programming/tech scene when it comes to both of those areas (YouTube and Twitch).

I'll make sure to make a more in depth post about both of those ideas when I have the time to fully fledge them out and go over every thing that I would want to accomplish goal wise and content wise.

For now though that would be the end of this post. I'm going to have a few others appear shortly after this as well to go over the idea and goals for this part of my site and also just to describe my day to day life (not a post every day though!). If you have any questions please feel free to reach out to me here in the comment section or on my Twitter!